Educational Kinesiology / Brain Gym

We believe there are no learning disabilities, only learning blocks.

Through the therapeutic use of Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) these learning blocks can be removed and the individual’s full potential can be achieved.

A neuro-developmental approach concentrates upon assessing the functioning of three systems fundamental to academic learning:

  • Reception of information through the sensory channels

  • Processing of sensory information in the brain

  • Repertoire of responses available to the child with which to express himself

Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym) is a process that offers great ways to integrate the brain and body for enhanced learning and performance. It teaches new ways to integrate both sides of the brain so that optimal performance can be reached. Educational Kinesiology uses movement to enhance brain-body integration and move us out of “stuck” behaviour patterns, created by stress and lack of motivation.

Educational Kinesiology is also used as a means to assess which uninhibited reflexes might still have an influence in a person’s life and it is also a tool with which these problems can be eliminated. By the application of stylized sequential movements, it is possible to give the brain a “second chance” to register the reflex inhibitory movement patterns. As aberrant reflex activity is corrected, many of the physical, academic and emotional problems of the child will disappear.

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