Occupational Health

The practice offers a full occupation health assessment service, and can provide companies with prompt appointments for their employees who may be experiencing health problems which impact on their work or may be caused by work-related factors. These may range from general medical complaints to physical or postural issues related to the ergonomic environment, or psychological issues due to work-related stress or harassment.

The practice can offer independent assessments of employees’ ongoing medical complaints which are causing long term absence from work. Each circumstance will be different and may involve either a face to face consultation and further investigation or a review of medical records and treatment to date.

We will happily provide a doctor service to any company, dependent upon location and workload. Please contact to discuss any requirements and quotations. Private GP services/consultations for company employees available before, during and after working hours. Pre-employment medical screening and interview questionnaires. Stress counseling and treatment programmes, drug and alcohol testing, telephone advice line for HR and senior management.

Bespoke quotations provided for all your corporate health needs, whether for single key personnel or your entire organisation.

For more information or to discuss your precise requirements, please Contact us on 080 5114 9585 or email info@pinnaclemedicalservices.com

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