Corporate Services

We provide a range of corporate services including:

Executive Health Screening

Executive health screens are recommended for employees over the age of 40 routinely but can be carried out for younger employees too. Typically these medicals will take a similar format to the standard practice health screens, but they can also be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of a company.

Our standard health screening package includes the following:

Review of current concerns:

Review of Past History:   Medical/Surgical/Family and Social (i.e travel, alcohol, tobacco, sleep patterns etc)

Blood Investigations:   Tests for anaemia, gout, diabetes, cholesterol, kidney function, liver function, thyroid function, and infection status.

Full Physical Examination:   Eyes, Head, Ears, Nose, Throat, Mouth, Skin, Hair, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Chest, Abdomen, Spine, Leg and Arm Reflexes, Weight and Height.

Urine analysis

Faecal Occult Blood Studies

Resting ECG

Lung Function testing

Rectal Examination for Prostate (male)

Breast examination (female)

Cervical Smear (female)

Further tests can be included as standard or arranged ad hoc if clinically indicated.

Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

Routine pre-employment medicals take 30 minutes and take the form of a basic clinical examination and assessment. More detailed assessments can be organised where appropriate to suit the needs of the company or insurance provider.

Hotel Advisory and Treatment Service for Guests and Staff

The Clinic offers same day appointments for local hotels and their guests and staff. Contracts are dependent upon location and must be discussed in advance with the Manager. All appointments are based at the Clinic.

Travel Clinic

The practice offers a full travel vaccination and advice service, with the latest on-line information from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and other internet health resources. The practice nurse can usually provide a same-day appointment service for patients and their colleagues.

A full history will be taken, and vaccination records noted. Specific travel advice will be given on the destination country or countries, as well as more general advice on travelling abroad. Appropriate anti-malarial advice and relevant prescriptions will also be offered where necessary.

Patients should consult with the practice nurse at least 6-8 weeks before departure where possible to allow sufficient time for appropriate courses of treatment.

Employee Assistance Program

Employee assistance professionals are experts on human behavior in the workplace. An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a specifically designed set of professional services:

  •    that apply specialized knowledge and expertise about human behavior and mental health

  •    also to improve the productivity and healthy functioning of the workplace and to address a work organization’s particular business needs.

The 7 Core Technology Functions

  •    Consultation to managers, outreach to employees

  •    Assessment of personal problems

  •    Intervention with employee about performance issues

  •    Referral of employee, case-monitoring, follow-up

  •    Encourage effective relations with referral resources

  •    Consultation to employer about health benefits

  •    Program evaluation as to program effectiveness

Components of an Effective EAP — Services for the Organization

  •    Management consultation

  •    Handling difficult employee situations (in collaboration with HR)

  •    Crisis response

  •    Education and training on special topics e.g. harassment

  •    Organizational consultation


  •    A successful EAP maintains a clear focus on the needs of the workplace, both employer and employees.

  •    EAPs provide services to individuals and to the organization.

  •    The EAP is a neutral problem solver.

  •    Confidentiality and proper communication are essential.

  •    The EAP simultaneously serves multiple clients, e.g. employee, manager, employer.


  •    Internal: EA professionals are employees of employer/union/sponsoring organization.

  •    External: EAP services are provided by a vendor under contract.

  •    Combination: Duties performed by both internal and external EA professionals.


  •    Health and productivity management

  •    Occupational health

  •    Wellness and health promotion

  •    Business coaching

  •    Work/Life services

  •    Disability management

  •    Workers compensation

  •    Risk management

  •    Career counseling

  •    Behavioral healthcare

  •    Diversity initiatives


  •    To solve workplace problems

  •    To improve productivity

  •    To be competitive in attracting and retaining employees

  •    To create a more positive work environment

  •    To reduce accidents and safety problems

  •    To demonstrate support of family members

  •    To reduce workplace stress


  •    Services to the individual:

  •    Assessment

  •    Plan development and client motivation

  •    Short-term problem resolution or referral

  •    Follow-up

  •    Services to the organization:

  •    Consultation on specific employee issues, organizational strategies, policies, benefits

  •    Special services (e.g., critical incident response)


  •    Employees and family members

  •    Sponsoring organization (employer, union)

  •    Supervisors/managers

  •    HR

  •    Occupational Health

  •    Labor unions

  •    Safety/Security

  •    Larger community in general

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